Package 3 – Protueri Partner

Package 3 – Protueri Partner



  • $395 set up fee for website + $395 per month
  • Branded Protueri Partner Website or white label website*(white Label is an additional $400 set up fee)
  • 36.0% commission (non-reoccuring)
  • 18.0% commission of recruits (non-reoccurring)
  • 36.0% customer set up fees
  • 36.0% of all your client’s volume monthly spend (recurring monthly revenue) *Does not include the client’s monthly advertising spend
  • 18.0% of your recruit’s monthly spend
  • 18.0% of your recruit’s customer volume monthly spend
  • 18.0% of your recruits protueri set up fees
  • 10% less commission if recruit moves out of territory into another Partner’s DMA.*If a recruit moves from one DMA into yours, you get 10% less commission.
  • 50% loss of commission if the client is in another Partner’s DMA
  • Monthly commissions over $10000 volume per DMA, an additional 5% monthly bonus, and 5% on the team’s volume across the board
  • Access to Microsoft 365, 5 licenses
  • Travel Rewards – $300 monthly
  • 1000 Foil Business Cards, can have company email i.e.
  • 100 flyers per DMA
  • Branded pitch deck
  • 3 TB file storage and share capability
  • Team Approach CRM
  • Testimonial Collector
  • Branded Video
  • Social 365 Media Tool, automatic posting
    Embedded email videos
    Video Funnels
  • Botleads, SMS or Messenger auto response
  • Up to 10 leads per month
    In depth Sales Training
    30 minute monthly coaching/mentor session
    Access to webtools for hunt and canvas leads in local area
  • 35% off all domain registrations
  • Access to Printing Portal, additional 25% off all your printing needs
  • Access create unlimited lead magnet pages on the Look Locally platform
  • $1000 per DMA, minimum 3 zip code purchase. If a zip code splits, original partner has first right of refusal. After 90 days, zip code.
    • Access to corporate leads
    • Ability to co-Label or White brand website
    • Ability to white label tools (some tools may not apply)
    • Ability to crate funnels for clients
    • Ability to create your own affiliate program
    • Ability to create your own website builder tool
    • Ability to have your own branded CRM
  • Ability to call on all small business and corporate clients
    • If corporation moves headquarters from one DMA to another
    • If client grows and expands into another DMA they stay with original Partner

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