About Us

Who is Protueri?

Welcome to Protueri!

We know funny name, but don’t worry we get businesses serious results.

The Pro part of Protueri sets the tone for our clients and our teams that we will work to,

  1. Protect them (brand integrity)
  2. Provide tools that allow business’ to grow.
  3. Produce results
  4. Profit. Business owner need to see profits to grow. Often times leadership can’t see the forrest because of the trees.  We provide an outside-seeking inward approach to take sales and profits to another level.

Protueri comes from the Latin word “Tueri” which translates:

I look or gaze at, behold, watch, view. · I care for, guard, defend, protect, support, compensate or make up for. · I uphold, keep up, maintain, preserve. 

(these are all the things we work to provide for ourselves, employees, team members, partners, and our clients)

Rather it be a client we are watching over, one of our many partners, or affiliates its our goal to watch over them as if it were our own product or service and lastly we compensate our team members based on their results in. 

This is where the P in our logo is surrounded by four hands and placing your brand in the center of attention.

Then we keep our faith proudly and boldly in the middle to help us lean on understanding that is not of our own as we look to help clients campaigns take off and to leave behind the trail of love of in all that they do.  

We have found when a business can focus on being running their business it shows why they love what they do and and others see it and want to do business with them.

Our founding team has over twenty years of experience in internet marketing and sales strategies.

The focus is on your business as a whole.

While internet marketing is our primary driver of results, we want your business to be as successful as possible.

So, we might implement a combination of print and or digital media to get you the results a business needs for growth.

With our extensive backgrounds in varying industries, we bring together a comprehensive level of experience and resources to help small to mid-size companies realize their dreams.

Our corporate background includes working with groundbreaking companies including large search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, as well as the online Yellow Pages and directories like Citysearch, Superpages, and YP.com.

With that experience the founder of Protueri created a hyper local search experience for business owners and for people in the local community.

We feel people are tired of searching for a local business and all we find is articles or blogs that over sell services and or bloat other search engines with content that stuff it with keywords just to achieve rankings on the search results.

What started as a small directory with 35,000 plus small business owners in 2017, it has since grown to over 285,000 businesses throughout the United States Of America and other countries abroad.

You can see that here. LookLocally.com

This enables us to have diverse conversations and have a deeper understanding of the complexity , challenges, and benefits to marketing, branding advertising and running a business.

It’s our intent to give business owners access to the tools that larger companies use to grow and to offer it at an affordable cost.

Often times businesses will spend thousands of dollars designing their brand but come up short when they need to promote or show the local community what they have to offer.

Trust is a HUGE factor in business and business owners need to know they are being heard and that other like minded individuals understand things like , total cost of ownership, taxes, regulations, employee costs, employee burdens, marketing stipulations, and even timelines/deadlines.

This is why Protueri takes the approach “

Consider it “done. 

Protueri’s diverse background covers everything from sales, online & experiential marketing, video production, software development, economics, and finance allowing us to be a company that can reduce business frustrations and maximize profitability.

We give you a 360-degree analysis on how to improve your business.

Since today’s businesses rely heavily on being successful online, we want you to be able to rely on us to make you successful. 

"People don't quit their marketing campaigns. They quit the lack of results and creativity!" Founder Mark Crowson

Why Choose Us


We are more than just a company hidden behind a webpage. We are real people with real thoughts and real skills. We are big enough to make a difference, and small enough to care.


Many companies can promise you the world when it comes to optimizing your website for successful sales but whether they deliver is another thing. Too many fly-by-night companies take your money and then disappear.


It is easy for anyone to look up online, but how do you know that they are reputable?


Protueri provides you with a valid ROI. We are driven to have results as much as you are. We value your business and will strive to provide you with top-quality service every step of the way.