We have taken a simplified approach to our pricing.

Meaning, we feel that if you look at the average cost for media management not counting employee labor fees and insurance costs; we work to help clients reduce the cost of media management, lead acquisition costs and help them focus on profits. 

Typically agencies work with a retainer or set up fee against the services they offer.

Our experience shows that on occasion people will invest thousands of dollars on a website and then not have the funding to get the campaign the traffic it needs for optimum success.

You will see here it can cost anywhere from $1,000 a month on to build out a successful campaign.

It’s our desire to help you grow. We love to crawl before we walk and walk before we run.

Absolutely you can! However, if we determine there is duplicate content from a competing services we may have to re build the content.

The search engines frown upon duplicate content and we do not want to harm any of our other clients brands by putting duplicated content on our server. 

Yes. After 6 months of services websites are typically paid off.

We charge a one time move fee if the site is in the middle of the first 6 months. 

Yes we do. Look at Services page and you will see some of our site examples.